A Twist of FATEwear

SL mens fashion designer Damien Fate of FATEwear has one of the most visually stunning lines out there, and when I came across this beautifully designed jacket – I saw many different ways to style it. I’ll even do future posts with different styles around this jacket.

What I love the most about it are the colors and how technical it actually is. See how the collar lines up perfectly with the bottom of the jacket, which turns from a perfectly tailored top, to a draped bottom. All in all, this piece is one of many wonderful ones by Damien Fate.

Check out his great work here on MP @ FATEwear on Marketplace.

Styling card below:

Jacket – FATEwear Desmond Coat London Alley – L$300 – Marketplace
Pants – Entente Couleur Jeans (Black) – L$400 – Marketplace
Gloves – Curious Kitties Simple Black Gloves – FREE – Marketplace
Sunglasses – Entente Olivier Glasses – $L150 – Marketplace
Shoes – Enelya’s Creations Army Boots (unisex) – $L99 – Marketplace
Hair – Unorthodox Robb Bank$ hair – $L350 – Marketplace
Pose – In-Pose! Mens – In Store

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