Fashion, Inspired

If I Have To Wait…


I’m loving this look that I came up with while spinning one of my favorite Toni Braxton songs on repeat: “If I Have To Wait”. This look includes items from Entente, Uncut, Mr. Poet and a fantastic group gift from Gabriel. Styling info. & inspiration song below.

On Anthony:

Cardigan : Entente – Luxe Cardigan (Khaki)
Shirt : Mr. Poet – Knit Jumper (Pink Undershirt)
Jeans : Entente – Deep Pocket Jeans – Slim Grey
Shoes : Gabriel – Summer Boots – Group Gift (NEW)
Hat / Hair : Entente – Le Soleil Hat & Hair (Dark Brown)
Necklace : *KR* – Asian Peace
Bracelet : Uncut – Cross Bracelet (Red Swirls)
Ring : Kistmet – Men’s Wedding Band

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