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“They Say Vision.”


This look features a great combination of light and bright colors perfect for the fresh, spring weather, and is the perfect play on a modern outlook of a casual suit.

What I love most about this outfit is the yellow rose pin & yellow shoes which give this whole look that extra pop. And of course the element that ties the entire look together: the gingham styled bow tie.

Feel free to check out the styling information below & re-create the look which is perfect for a spring wedding or ceremony/party.

Styling Info.

Shirt – (W) – Tattersall Plaid Shirt – Blue
Jacket – Fatewear – Smith Blazer
Pants – Entente – Classic Chinos – Khaki
Shoes – Illmatic – Suede Minnetonka Moccassin – Yellow
Bowtie – Adjunct – Classic Bowtie #3 – Gingham
Hat – Entente – Le Soleil Hat & Hair
Sunglasses – RYCA – MIM-Silver
Facial Hair – Cheerno – Facial Hair Dark A #3

1 thought on ““They Say Vision.””

  1. I ❤ this style!
    But it gets me a bit frustrated coz I cannot buy it 😦
    After the whole mess with L$ exchanges I’m left without mine operating.
    I’ve found this list of new companies
    and it says that you can buy L$ in Podex Exchange –
    But I’ve never heard about them before.
    Does anyone know them? Or any other exchange I can use without PayPal?

    I want to go shopping!! 😦

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