“Side Effects of You.” ft. Sabotage


….Nobody told me.

This post features brand new male items from Sabotage (In-World), Saikin & Boon, Ryca & Mr. Poet. Want the details on the items worn? Jump below!

Shirt: SABOTAGE – Button Up Leather (Black) *NEW*In-World
Pants: SABOTAGE – Slim-Fit Denim Motor Pants (Black) *NEW*In-World
Kilt: SABOTAGE – Black Bandana Kilt *NEW*In-World
Shoes: SABOTAGE – Studded Lace-Ups *NEW*In-World
Backpack: MR. POET – Leather Backpack (Black)
Hair: SAIKIN & BOON – NYN116 (Black)
Necklace: RYCA – Rosary Black M
Bracelet: STRDYS – SK Wild Bracelet (Black)
Watch: RYCA – ICL Black/Platinum
Sunglasses: VILLENA – Double Frame Round Glasses
Facial Hair: CHEERNO – Facial Hair II
Piercing: CHEERNO – Facial Piercing B Nose (Silver)

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