Fashion, JFL, XIAJ

“Take Our Time” ft. XIAJ & JFL


One of the most incredible mens fashion designers on the grid, XIAJ designed this super sexy sweater, The Dream Team Sweater, and I chose to pair the top with the basic shorts in black (also designed by XIAJ) and the JFL Pork Pie Hat.

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Fashion, Gabriel, JFL

“This Love Will Survive” ft. Gabriel & JFL


Timing in fashion is very important and it just so happens that two of my very gracious and expertly talented sponsors Gabriel and JFL have released new items that I have paired into this very fashion-forward, urban, man on the go inspired look.

Gabriel’s brand new slim suit which comes in various colors and a great hud for customization is featured along with JFL’s new line of Kufi hats which are also in various designs.

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