Eclat, Illmatic: Ink'd, Illmatic: XY, Pumpkin, Rama, Seul

“…I Made Lemonade.”


Dress: SeulScallop Hem *New @ Tres Chic*
Boots: Vive Nine/RyvolterSil Leather Boots
Coat: TonyBassline Shoulder Bomber
Bag: Mowie.Stella
Sunglasses: EclatMirrored Sunnies
Necklace: Empyrean ForgeEffioresce
Septum: ZoomGreco
Hair: BeusyLucid Hair & Cap
Backdrop: RamaThe Apartment (rare) *New & The Gacha Garden*

David Heather, Pumpkin

Eyes On Horizon


Shirt: Seul GarconLayered Tank Graphic – *New @ Seasons Story*
Pants: PumpkinSkintight Pants
Shoes: FaunJemma Leather Boots
Sunglasses: The PyramidVintage Spectacles
Hat: RabuLeather Fedora Hat
Necklace: EntenteChaplet Necklace
Bracelet: SorgoSkull Bracelet
Coffee: David HeatherSplat Coffee Cup / Mocha *New @ Kustom 9*
Phone: MuschiMyPhone
Hair: ChemistryHera 2

HOMAGE, Illmatic: XY, Pumpkin, The Men's Department

Let Me Know

Let Me Know

❤ Jacket: AmerieKnit Jacket – *New @ The Men’s Department*
❤ Shirt + Tie: Bliss CoutureBrad Shirt + Tie
❤ Pants: PumpkinChinos in Khaki
❤ Bag: XiajEenie Leather Bag
❤ Shoes: Tonktastic50’s Jump Boots
❤ Hair: HomageLe Tribe
❤ Facial Hair: UnorthodoxFull Beard
❤ Sunglasses: SorgoWire in Wood – *New @ The Men’s Department*
❤ Earrings: IllmaticMetallic Ear Plugs

David Heather, HOMAGE, Pumpkin, SABOTAGE, The Men's Department

Like I Never Left.


Featuring new items from David Heather for the next round of The Seasons Story and items from the next round of The Mens Department.

❤ Jacket: 2ByteDenim Jacket w/ Sweater*New @ The Mens Department*
❤ Pants: PumpkinSkintight Leather
❤ Shoes: Urban WealthTimbs
❤ Bag: David HeatherBark Bag in Pumpkin*New @ The Seasons Story*
❤ Sunglasses: David HeatherAntler Sunglasses*New @ The Seasons Story*
❤ Watch: David HeatherVoid Watch in Black*New @ The Seasons Story*
❤ Bracelet: SabotageOnyx / Wood

❤ Earrings: IllmaticMetallic Ear Trinkets
❤ Phone: MuschiMy Galaxy
❤ Cigarette: NikotinCigarette Dirty
❤ Hair: HomageStay High in Noir
❤ Facial Hair: UnorthodoxFull Beard

Eclat, HOMAGE, Illmatic: XY, Pumpkin



♥ Coat: Mr. PoetBat Sleeve Knit
♥ Top: PumpkinBig Tee in Black
♥ Pants: IsonBasic Denim in Sky
♥ Shoes: SabotageBucesmi in Black
♥ Hair: HomageSlicked Back in Noir
♥ Bracelets: StrdysWild Set
♥ Earrings: Faun & IllmaticDiamonds Are Forever in Chrome & Metallic Ear Trinkets in Gold
♥ Watch: RycaLNR in Black
♥ Sunglasses: EclatMirrored Sunnies
♥ Dog: Birdy & AlchemyFrench Bulldog