Missing You.



<3 Blazer: OverhighMila Blazer in Grey
<3 Skirt: OverhighNeva Skirt in White
<3 Top: Coco
<3 Shoes: OverhighHenderson Boots in Ice
<3 Hair: LiquenceF3 in Shaved
<3 Earrings: LethalLion Door Knockers
<3 Necklace: ZenithCoin Necklace
<3 Rings: 7891.Estate Rings Set
<3 Clutch: OverhighRose Clutch in White
<3 Lipstick: ItGirlsFlorrie #8
<3 Eyeshadow: MoonObsession


<3 Dress: OverhighMiranda Dress in Black
<3 Leggings: House of FoxBlack Leggings
<3 Shoes: OverhighHenderson Boots in Black
<3 Hat: FauxRounded Hat
<3 Bag: David HeatherFrang Bag
<3 Sunglasses: RycaMIM Sunglasses
<3 Bracelet: 7891.Bejeweled Bracelet in Red
<3 Watch: OverhighSpike Watch in Blue
<3 Skin: MarinaYvonne


<3 Top: OverhighLoose T-Shirt in White
<3 Skirt: OverhighNeva Skirt in Pink
<3 Shoes: OverhighHenderson Boots in Grey
<3 Bracelet: 7891.Bejeweled Bracelet in Red
<3 Watch: OverhighSpike Watch in Pink
<3 Clutch: OverhighGun Clutch in Black
<3 Hair: HomageJylie Kenner



<3 Dress: OverhighLily Dress in Black*New @ Kustom 9*
<3 Vest: OverhighDenim Vest*New @ Kustom 9*

<3 Shoes: Co57Joyce Peep Toe in Noir
<3 Hat: FauxRounded Hat
<3 Clutch: LuxeBandana Clutch
<3 Bracelet: 7891.Bali Bejeweled Bangles*New @ The Gacha Mania*
<3 Bracelet: EclatTube Bracelet in Silver
<3 Necklace: EclatGeometric in Silver
<3 Hair: HomageSlicked Back in Noir

<3 Make Up: Rebel GalJourdan Set*New @ The Cosmetics Fair*
<3 Skin: Rebel GalJourdan in Pale*New @ The Cosmetics Fair*

Bad Habits.

Hide And Seek

Featuring new items from Wonton for Kustom 9’s 1 Year Anniversary opening on October 15th, 2014.

<3 Top: WontonYe Collared Top in McQueenNew @ Kustom 9 – October 15th
<3 Vest: WontonLynx Fur Vest in BlakNew @ Kustom 9 – October 15th
<3 Pants: WontonNikolai Biker TrousersNew @ Kustom 9 – October 15th
<3 Shoes: Co57Jyllian Boots
<3 Clutch: 1992Prism Clutch in Black
<3 Ring: EpoqueLune Jumelle
<3 Sunglasses: EclatMirrored Sunnies
<3 Necklace: IsonDeer Bolo Tie in Black
<3 Hair: TaketomiTadaow w/ Brim Hat

Outrun The Sky.


<3 Dress: Femme FataleMarie Couture Coat Dress
<3 Shoes: Femme FataleSwarovski Stilettos in Patent Black
<3 Bag: LuxeRose Clutch*Available @ Kustom 9 – October 15th*
<3 Sunglasses: Femme FataleMVD Cat Eye Shades

<3 Mask: Lethal CoutureNatted Mask with Black Pearls
<3 Bracelet: IsonAviary Claw
<3 Ring: EclatCross Ring in Gold
<3 Ring: FaunDouble Pinky Ring
<3 Earrings: EclatRhomb in Gold

Let Me Know

Let Me Know

<3 Jacket: AmerieKnit Jacket – *New @ The Men’s Department*
<3 Shirt + Tie: Bliss CoutureBrad Shirt + Tie
<3 Pants: PumpkinChinos in Khaki
<3 Bag: XiajEenie Leather Bag
<3 Shoes: Tonktastic50’s Jump Boots
<3 Hair: HomageLe Tribe
<3 Facial Hair: UnorthodoxFull Beard
<3 Sunglasses: SorgoWire in Wood – *New @ The Men’s Department*
<3 Earrings: IllmaticMetallic Ear Plugs

Like I Never Left.


Featuring new items from David Heather for the next round of The Seasons Story and items from the next round of The Mens Department.

<3 Jacket: 2ByteDenim Jacket w/ Sweater*New @ The Mens Department*
<3 Pants: PumpkinSkintight Leather
<3 Shoes: Urban WealthTimbs
<3 Bag: David HeatherBark Bag in Pumpkin*New @ The Seasons Story*
<3 Sunglasses: David HeatherAntler Sunglasses*New @ The Seasons Story*
<3 Watch: David HeatherVoid Watch in Black*New @ The Seasons Story*
<3 Bracelet: SabotageOnyx / Wood

<3 Earrings: IllmaticMetallic Ear Trinkets
<3 Phone: MuschiMy Galaxy
<3 Cigarette: NikotinCigarette Dirty
<3 Hair: HomageStay High in Noir
<3 Facial Hair: UnorthodoxFull Beard